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"Child friendly" or "Low Maintenance" Garden


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Hi people, the tenant in my buy-to-let is vacating soon, and the garden needs improving / updating.

Around 75% of prospective tenants from last time I advertised were a couple with one child.

The garden is currently half slabbed and the other half (furthest from the house) is a step of decking.

From my response from marketing the property last time (prospective tenants visiting), there were some offputting comments regarding the garden, someone said "what's the stage for?" and was put off,

others said "it's a shame theirs no lawn" for the children to play on.

The first thing that is apparent is that I need to level the garden, but not sure whether to pave the whole of the garden, making it less child friendly, and possibly putting off some tenants or whether to lay half lawn, half paving.

I was originally thinking of laying half a lawn, but is there an issue of maintanence ie when the grass grows who will cut it? The problem is that the garden is fairly small and there isn't really any storage space for a lawn mower and a lawn mower sitting around in the garden could be a hazard to a small child.

Any thoughts guys?

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