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Rent rebate for unhappy tenant?


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Hi there,

A tenant was supposed to move in last week. Signed lease starting 1st Dec and moved all his stuff in. There was a leak in the bathroom which took a few days to fix, during which time he stayed at his girlfriends place as the bathroom was out of action. I said I would refund a few days rent as the flat wasn't ready.

Now though, there is apparently a smell in the bathroom coming from some drain outside. The guy upstairs has the same problem but is living through it (the smell apparently goes once you run the water for a while). My tenant though claims that the smell is so bad that he still cannot move in.

Someone is coming to look at and hopefully fix the problem on wednesday. Should I tell my tenant that it is his tough luck or do I owe him rent for the inconvenience?

Thanks in anticipation.

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