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Freehold Company... Director.... and Problems


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Dear Friends,

First of all many thanks for all your wonderful work.

We have a freehold company comprising of a block of 6 flats. All flats owners are the directors of this freehold company including me. But the retired ladies of other flats have nothing to do but always spending company fund money on various things. I had already double glazing of my flat. Now they want to get installed new double glazing in the whole building including all the flats. But I don't think it's appropriate to spend £20000 pounds on double glazing windows.

Could you please advise am I bound to follow them whatever decision they take? What if I quit the company directorship and don't want to be the part of freehold company?

I'll appreciate very much if you could enlighten on my rights as an individual director.

Many thanks.


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