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Am moving into another house...have been approached by foxtons who tell me they have deutche bank wanting to rent out my property wih 2 years advance rent.

My mother used foxtons to rent and 'manage' her house and we went through hell and were stripped of everything by foxtons who would take the shirt off your back in fees in return for NOTHING

I dont want to even go near a foxton agent incase they bleed me dry...anyone know if there is a way of dealing directly with these corporations to offer them our properties for rent.

Any thoought greatly appreciated..any advice too as i am a to be novice.

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Why not explain to the agent that in order for you to consider, you need in writing confirmation of all amounts due to you, deductions for their fees both monthly and one-offs and a list of their scale of fees for anything not inclusive eg maintenance visits, lease renewals, inventory costs and ANYTHING ELSE!!

Perhaps your mother's experience was a one off, down to a particular employee or bad practice or whatever, but it would be a shame to reject the possibility of this scenario without exploring further. Corporate lets can be very lucrative, especially when one employee leaves and the house is passed to the next employee and lease renewed. ESPECIALLY with advanced rent, they cannot take it off you once they have given it to you, can they?

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