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Got more than one property to let in the UK?

Want all your UK properties fully managed by a phone call to a single point?

Fed up with chasing around different agents?

How I can help:

I work for the largest letting agent in the UK, with a national network of over 300 lettings offices, that can help you with all your lettings needs. From a full managed centralised service to just finding a tenant, we can provide a bespoke service depending on your requirements. We can also offer discounted rates depending on your portfolio size.

For example, A full managed Centralised service will give you the following benefits:

1) One central point of contact for all your lettings needs

2) One set of agreed fees for all your properties let nationwide.

3) Service level agreements that are replicated nationwide.

4) A hassle free service by a dedicated team and an account manager.

From 2 to 2000 properties, we can make life a lot easier for Landlords.

If you would like to find out more call Mark on ************* /b].

It could be the best phone call you make today.

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I doubt a company that operates nationwide will be personal enough!!

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Ummm, Sounds like an extra layer of bureaucracy to me, life's hard enough without involving a third partyin a Call centre!



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I like you but the idea is a flimsy one. It won't work, it won't sell enough in numbers to get any investor to back, give it up . . . . .

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