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Carpet Dilemma


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Wanted to share this experience and see if anyone has views.

LL has purchased house and decided they are going to do some works before we let it for them.

One thing they've left is a really good quality carpet in the living room.

Problem here is that although it's a good quality (not new) it's very 'dated' and would only be liked by the over 70's (IMHO)

I've explained to them that this narrows down the potential Tenant market just like saying No DSS, No Housing Benefit, No Pets, No smokers, No fat people (YES one LL actually specified this to me!!)

I have no problem with just marketing it 'with' the carpet but am struggling to find Tenants who haven't said 'god the carpet has to go' and now the LL is worried that he will be left with a void period.

I only got the keys on Saturday!!!!

I have a ten strong waiting list to view this property, works were finished yesterday and as per instructions I was able to commence viewings when works were completed. Works finished at 5.30 last night, 1st viewing (dodging the wet gloss paint) at 5.45. Tenant loved property and handed over deposit but on the understanding that they could replace the carpet.

LL says 'no way' 'carpet has to stay because it's of 'good quality'.

My point was this,

House purchase included the carpet anyway, the purchase price was many thousands less than the asking price, so why not just agree to let new T replace it (at their expense) and write into the AST that upon Tenancy end the T will pay for an equivalent carpet if the LL doesn't like the new one they've put down!

Even at £20 sq metre a 'new' replacement would only cost around £350 which could be deducted from the deposit, with the Tenants approval.

One month void would cost considerably more than replacing this carpet and the T can move in 'yesterday'

LL has no intention of ever living in the house, are looking for a long term T (which I feel this one could be) Tenant is working, has good credit rating and good refs (not checked out as yet but they assure me of this, obviously we would make a judgement when the actual refs came back) so why worry too much about this carpet.

Why don't LL's lighten up a bit and do the MATHS!!!

I think I read somewhere on another post that some LL's can't see the woods for the trees when they work out the financials on a property return. How true is this in this case.

Personally i'd rather rent a house out for £500/month and fill it tomorrow than leave it empty for 2 months because of a £350 carpet, plus we've secured 4.75% MORE than the LL wanted/was expecting for the rent (over a 12 month period this works out at £360!!

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Which is exactly what i've negotiated with the LL aswell but wow what a hard job convincing him!!!

That was my point about LL's lightening up because there's always a way to sort these things and don't discount an idea unless you've explored all avenues.

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