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Is my property a HMO if?


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Having read a number of questions and answers already posted, I'm still struggling to decide whether my house is a HMO.

I'm a live in landlord and rent 4 bedrooms in 2 story house with 2 bathrooms. No T's are related.

If one short term tenacy agreement is made for say 4 or 5 people and none are related is this a HMO.



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Hi zoe ...by definiton yes it is .........but there is a lot of confusion over what the impact of this is ....

In your case ..probably none ! but to be sure contact your loacl council "private sector housing team" if you ring 3 times you will get 3 different answers !!!!! pick the one that you like (get the persons name and ask them to confirm in writing what they have just said )

The time when there is a big impact is when you get to "licensable HMO's" ie 3 storey and 5 or more un related tenants in occ..

This said a risk assement shuold be carried out and recommendations adhered to ....PSH will come out for free and do an assessment if required.....

There are certain size per room , min size of kitchen, no of wc's etc BUT you may not need to do anything at all ...it will also depend on who is resident in the prop ......

Again just speak to PSH wo will advise ...BUT GET IT ALL IN WRITING THEN YOUR AXXX IS COVERED ....

All other schedules below this are known as no licensable HMO's ..but there are still min requirements.....

Clearly basic things like smoke alarms are a good idea regardless...but you will find that most councils will require a Fire blankets in the kitchen of every sort let property .....even tho the vasy majority do not have them and i bet a pound to a penny most people reading have not got one ....

It is the cost of a phone call and 30 mins for a visit ...All LL should do themselves a favour and get up to date cos if you get an accident and you havent ......YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED >>>>>>>>>>>>>................


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