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DSS Advise - Possible New Tenant


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Hi All,

Im new here.

I previously let my property to an old work collegue for the last 3 years, working full-time (who caused £2k worth of damage when he left!!). I lucky work for a property maintenance company so am currently getting repairs carried out at a discounted price.

I have advertised online to relet the property at £550pm for a large 2 bed terrace 5 mins from the local town centre in cheshire.

A few of the responses ask if I accept DSS, to which I have replied that I would consider depending on references.

One young lady seems very interested. She has a young baby on is on full benefits. However she thinks that the DSS will only pay upto 80% of her rent.

Is there a 'ceiling' for rent that the council will pay?

Any advise would be helpful!

Many Thanks,


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