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Eviction/Rent Arrears Think Tank....

Simon Dewsberry

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Hi All

At present the eviction and recovering rent arrears processess are wholly unsatisfactory, with us the LL subject to large doses of stress and in 99% of cases a considerable financial loss...

Regular members will be aware of my approach to try to avoid this scenario, by setting up in house procedures & use of DC etc ....

I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on how we as LL can protect ourselves any more than we are (good refs, late pymt fees etc...) in terms of in house systems or suggestions to maybe change the laws in some way .....

Please comment!!!!!!!!!!!


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It was something that i wish i had thought of 4 months ago before my latest 'wretched' tenant moved in. I have a personal details form they complete and at least this time i amended it to include copy of their passport (for ID/ immigration purposes etc). However what i will add next time is add a section for them to complete with a 'Guarantors' details (e.g. family member etc) and a letter from the guarantor to confirm this to be ok. I will also then personally contact the Guarantor to check all is kosher etc.

At least that's the plan unless anyone says otherwise.

I think that there should be legal forms (with a range of flexible options to ensure the form suits various different scenerios) which both LL and T fill in which set out all these key points that protect both LL & T. I think these forms do exist but i find the wording doesn't quite suit my requirements....


Reiki Sue x

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Get yourself proper referencing done (www.tenentref.co.uk) £20+vat. They will also ref a Guarantor for you.

Also get a proper Guarantor agreement as a "homemade" one probably wont be legally enforceable !!!

As for "extra" t details ...absolutely essential nowadays pc of passpot D/l , Next of kin, work deails, NO no, as many points of contact as possible !!!

"I think these forms do exist but i find the wording doesn't quite suit my requirements...."

Good idea just adapt to suit !


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