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I can't be the only landlord who used Halifax "Home Emergency" for peace of mind. A couple of Building's Insurance policies came up for renewal this month and the cover was removed. When I rang to querey I was told that this scheme is no longer available for let properties.

I was really pleased with the Halifax scheme, but I can't find a similar scheme to replace it. I am sure one must exist - does anyone know of such a policy?

For info Halifax "Home Emergency" was: 50.00 per year, your tenant rings a 24hr number if there is the need for emrgency work, Halifax send a guy round within 4 hrs and pay the first 500.00 for each incident.

Idealy I would like a stand alone maintenance policy rather than move my buildings insurance (I've haggled a good deal there) but would move it if required. I'm only realy interested in the emergency work, I either do the routine stuff myself or get a local handyman on to it.

Very grateful if anyone has found a good scheme and doesn't mind sharing!



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