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Alternative rent system


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I just wondered about the possibility of a new rent collection system.

I was thinking of the feasibility of charging rent annually

Then sign the tenant up for a bank loan to pay the annual charge then rent collection is transferred to the bank to collect via monthly direct debit.

If the tenant fails the credit check with the bank then deny the tenancy.

No more rent arrears and a new loan commission business.

Any opinions


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where are you going with this one....?!!!

Easier to get them to do it on a cc at 0% so no cost to them but you get 12mths up front ....but what is in the deal for T ?

I look at the other way around ..if T fails credit check THAT is when i want to see 12mths upfront !!!LOL

Must sat i do have several Tenancies always where T pays 6/12 mths upfront ..


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