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Advice on collecting money - after court


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Hi there,

I am new to this forum to thanks for taking the time to read this and offer your input.

I had a tenant in my house who didn't pay for a number of months. I served them with the relevant notices, they refused to vacate and eventually a court date was set. They then decided to move out a week or so before this date. We still went to court to chase the money owed. Bacuase the tenant was on housing benefit we had a guarantor put in place and this person was included on all the legal documentation. The judge ordered that the tenant/guarantor needed to pay all money owing. Since then I've not heard a thing.

So my question is - what is my next step? Is it a debt collection agency? If so can anybody recommend one? I've heard about these guys taking a fixed percentage of whatever they recover - but what's the going rate?

Many thanks,


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Hi Dan

Welcome to the forum ...!

Great system we are recommended to use eh....wait moonths get your prop back ...even a court order for money ...but no cash ...hmmmmmmm yet another one ......

I would contact T/G immediately giving 7 10 14 21 28 days to make full payment ..or put DC onto T/G with 15% collection costs payable by T/G(as long as you inform them b4 you you it )

will pm you a DC otherwise there are a few bright sparks on here who will accuse me of advertising...!!!!


if you have a court order can you not put bailiffs onto it ?


Ps for loads of detailed onfo on DC and discussions there of just search this forum ...it has been discussed in depth (you have been warned !!!!)

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