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Late payment charges


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Hi all,

Just been browsing a well known web site that helps you claim back charges, and was looking at a thread about landlord's late payment charges. The gist of the thread was, that for a landlord to charge i.e £25 and then £5 per day for late payment would be unjust, basically the same way as it is with bank charges, and landlords should only charge the actual cost of writing a letter/phone call.

Is a tennant responsible for the charge of your late mortgage payment? Is it unreasonable to include this cost in your charge?

Would greatly appreciate peoples points of view on this, just about to set up a new AST.

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Try not paying your mortgage for a few months..

or your charge/crdit card...

bank loan....


Hp payment ....

loan payment .....

Income tax ....upto 100%fine (i think for taking the PxxS)

Vat....upto 100% fine for being persistantly late with payment

in fact any financial agreement/arrangment does not take too kindly to it ...and rightly so

Notice the lead given from HMRC ......The government set us a very harsh merciless example .....what's good for the goose....

If you are not comfortable with it, then if your rent is for eg £550 pcm then set your ast at £650 witha £100 discount for cleared funds received on or b4 1st of the month ....there you go, instant penalty if they pay late ....or rather removal of early payment discount .....yep, must be legal, most businesses offer a discount for upfront or punctual payment ....

coming back to you point ......Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't stand up in court ...but there again maybe it would ...as a tenant would you really want to risk it ...or just pay your Bxxxxy rent as you are contracted to do ...!!!!!!!

It not there to rip people off, or to catch them out, it is in bold and pointed out verbally ...right at the onset ...so hopefully your rent will get prioritised above the friday night binge bill....in my limited experience i can tell you that it does !!!(most of the time anyway !!)


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