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booiler breakdown


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i need some advice about boilers please.

One of my tenants has just called me (at 9.00 on a Sunday :angry: ) and told me that the boiler has stoped working.

It is a fairly modern combi boiler and is not due for its yearly service until next month. What i need to know is, is it my responsibility to call someone out to repair it or is it the tenenats.

If it is my responsibility do i actualy need to get someone out today (on Sunday rates :D ) or can it wait till MOnday.

TIA Mark.

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The boiler is most definately your problem to resolve if it is faulty and don't be at all suprised if you get a call of this nature, any day of the week. The tenant is not responsible for the manufacture and early failure of an item in the boiler. Regarding the speed of your response, it comes down to the impact of the problem. If there is no hot water or heating I'd suggest getting someone to look at it as soon as possible. If not an emergency, it could possibly wait until a working day but then assessment of emergency status comes down to weather conditions (cold/freezing?), if your tenant is elderly or has young children and so on. There is no responsibility on the tenant to call someone out but you might politely ask them to, for convenience, but the engineer might need advance payment or payment at the time of the work, which is your responsibility, unless the boiler was misused by the tenant.

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