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STILL having problems with this "apparent" tenant.... he has still not paid the rent... I sent him a text today reminding him that the rent was late he replied that she ( the illegal tenant ) was waiting for us to send her paperwork for the Housing Benefit...

As posted previously he was the tenant... he moved out on the 28th July she moved in (his x girlfriend) all this we did not know about.... she writes us a letter 13th sept saying he had gone and could she have a tenancy agreement for housing benefit... to which we replied on ya bike....

After a load of messing about, ringing the Police stating there had been a breakin (who did not turn up) he said he would pay the rent for her till he found her somewhere else to live.... If i did not let her stay there he would pretend he still lived there and play happy families.and was becoming threatening...

so we decided to serve a section 21 dated from the letter she wrote meaning they had till 14th nov to vacate... also i made him sign a promise to pay and clearly told him he was responsible for the rent as he was the tenant not her...I have no forwarding address for him as i didnt know he had gone etc...

where do we stand with this one and can i get anything done legally... I want to go round and pull her out by her hair but i know i cant do that the cheeky mare...

they really dont think they have done any wrong and we are the wrong ones....

Please advise it is doing my head in....

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If I were in this situation, I would have threatened that I would get a debt collector invloved (to chase him)and at that point you can do no more. I would have done his a long time ago.

He can play silly games all he likes, but if you have a tenancy agreement with him and he hasn't served any notice formally, then he still has to pay.

I would invoice him for the period owed and say I will instruct a debt collector to chase it if I do not have payment within 5 days. Clearly stating that you have a tenancy agreement with him, not her, so it is his debt. Note that if the debt is not settled then interest will be charged, plus the debt collector will charge 15% to the tenant plus any additional chasing costs, making the debt very much bigger if he doesn't pay within 5 days.

Try not getting invloved in the "game" they are playing.



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To echo Mat, don't get drawn in to the excuses. Send no more than 3 letters stating your position regarding rent arrears and what you will do to recover them. Also clearly state that you want your property vacated and if this is not done so will take it to court for a possession order.

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Having never had problems previously I hadn't really thought too much about what I would do if tenants didn't pay other than chase them.

However, one tenant was 14 days late a month ago. Obviously I was worried that the next rent payment was due in the next few weeks and this could be a trend that would only get worse..........

So I sent an email stating that this is unacceptable etc and that since the rent was so late, in future if a rent payment is more than 5 days late a debt collector would be instructed straight away.

Payment was received early this month!

If people think they can get away with taking the p*ss they will, so the DC is a very useful tool. I think the DC programs which you see on TV have meant the threat is a lot more scarey/expensive than perhaps before and has increased the usefulness of the threat.

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DCs, like any business, have different ways of doing business, some are good others less so. I'm using a DC to chase a B2B debt and yesterday received an initial payment of £200, only another £5800 to go...

What DCs do is chase within reason and then threaten to make the individual/company bankrupt at your expense, which is supposedly a powerful tool to influence matters. I only got a response once I had bankruptcy papers served, which is a bit heavy handed but prompted a payment.

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