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laminate flooring and bikes


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i have a flat in west london and own the ground floor flat, its a terrace house with 3 floors (3 flats) the first floor flat has laminate flooring and makes a lot of noise

is there anything i can do i have spoken to the tenants and the landlord but nothing has happened, also the first floor tenants leave 2 bikes in the hallway its not big enough for

the bikes and causes lots of problems. can anybody advice how i should go about this

bearing in mind i have already spoken to them regarding these matters.

my flat is the westminster borough.


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2 things:

Firstly the landlord is under no obligations to change the flooring as it is fit for purpose. Sound problems like this are structural-related.

Secondly, are the flats leasehold, if so then check with the block management company about bikes in halls as most freeholders ban them. If the block is managed by the owners then what does the covenant say and are there restrictions?

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