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Giving Back The Deposit/Bond

Great Fandango

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Hello everyone,

Well, what can I say?... absolutely relieved that my tenants have finally packed their belongings and have left me my house (they still have one key which they're posting to me).

Some of you may recall several weeks back I posted a topic concerning the fact that the tenants had mucked me around no end: late payments, non-payments, refusal to answer the phone etc. etc. This went on for some time but in the end they paid up.

With this in mind I did a thorough check of the house today before taking meter readings and handing over. I found the house in a pretty bad way:

- torn wallpaper (from cats I didn't even know they had)

- doors ripped off wardrobe

- carpets covered in candle wax

- carpet shredded where cat's litter tray was

- Oven not fit to cook in (too dirty)

- Grease and general crap everywhere

- lots of flies (both dead and alive)

- House smelly (mixture of cats, general non-cleanliness, and smoking in one of the bedrooms)

- Garden not tended to

I had intended to deduct a fair amount for all the above including a fee for each month there was late payment or when I was mucked around and forced to drive over to see them

I have three questions : -

1. Is it fair/normal/legal to deduct a monthly fee for each month they paid late and caused me trouble?

2. Should I estimate myself for repair quotes or actually get professionals in to clean/decorate etc.? (this will no doubt prove more costly to the ex-tenant)

3. How long is a typical period before giving the deposit back?

On one hand I feel sorry for them, but on the other I'm mighty annoyed.

I'd like to hear anyone's views, suggestions or experiences.


PS: Can you believe they had the cheek to try to force a payment of deposit from me today!?!

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Why muck about? Get the carpets, house and cooker cleaned by professional company. Only deduct a late payment charge if it was in the original agreement, get the carpet/wallpaper/wardrobe door fixed or deduct for delapidations if not and refund the residue of the deposit, if any, within 10 working days. No requirement to now give the tenants any option to rectify the problems themselves if they request it.

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I agree, get the professionals in as its much easier to substiate the actual costs. Sounds like the carpet will need replacing where the Cats have ruined it. With all of the other problems, I can't see there will be any deposit left???

Could you post on here the costs when you have them, as it would be interesting to see the list of everything and see what peoples opinions are on what should be deducted as the letting agents on here do seem to have quite a leniant stance on the tenants side It would be good to discuss each component.



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I agree with Matthew, it would be useful to some to see a break down of how you apportion costs. However, the philosophy is very simple - restoration to pre-let condition less reasonable wear & tear and no betterment. I'm not sure that all agents are lenient and all landlords are hardline, just that some LAs/LLs are more practical than others having considered all factors and a good understanding of legislation.

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what is the situation if you have to make these repairs can you take from the deposit rent lost whilst theses repairs are being caried out ie if repairs take a week to complete can you take a weeks rent from the deposit as you could not rent out again until repairs had been done

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HI Helen

It makes my blood boil these people are SCUM don’t feel sorry for them if they had any pride they would have a least cleaned the property. Get a professional cleaning company in to clean and de flee the property (If you do it yourself and they take you to court you will not get any payment for your trouble) Take plenty of pic’s as evidence. Replace broken or damaged Items keep all receipts. Most important replace the locks. From what you say they will end up owning you money of which you will have no hope in hell of getting put it down to experience. Good luck

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