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Variation on AST


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A quick question to the experienced among you.

I have tenants on a 12 month AST that was signed in July. This is their 3rd year of being in the property and I haven't upped the rent in the 2 and a bit years they have been there. As part of the AST there is a garage in a block out the back of the house.

A friend of mine needs some garage space desparately for his business.

My tenants do not use the garage other than to store junk they haven't taken to the local refuse site.

How would I go about amending this AST mid term to remove the garage from being rented by them.

I have approached them and they are amicable about it. I propose postponing a rent increase I was considering (as a sweetner) and taking the garage out of the AST. Is there a form I can download and complete or can I simply do it via a letter? Or do I need them to sign something?

Cheers in advance


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getting there (found on letlink.co.uk)

"Where the landlord or tenant wishes to alter the terms of an assured or assured shorthold periodic tenancy (apart from an increase or decrease in rent) either party may propose to do so by serving notice in the prescribed form. The procedure is laid out in section 6(2) of the Housing Act 1988 as amended and allows either party to propose new terms and any subsequent change to rent using the prescribed form. If the terms are agreed, they become part of the agreement, however, if the tenant does not agree to the changes he may refer the change to the rent assessment committee for determination. This should be done within three months of receiving the notice using another prescribed form (available from legal stationers or the rent assessment panel officers). The rent assessment committee will consider the proposed terms and determine whether the changes are reasonable and also make any adjustment they deem necessary to rent to reflect the changes."

Next question

Where can I find the prescribed form?

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personally iwould hand write on both copies of ast "from x/x/xx LL and T both agree that garage at/ with prop ...address....no longer forms part of said property and as such this ast does not relate to it in any way other than T will have no responsibilty or use of it whatsoever " signed by LL & T, dated and witnessed .

But if you want a belt and braces job see a solicitor who willnot doubt write a longer more expensive (for you) sentence !!


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