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Good Morning all,

I have a tenant who wishes to buy a new Matress (furnished property, I am paying a small amount towards it), but has enquired about the removal of the old one.

My question - Will the council remove it for free if the tenant contacts them?

The reason I ask is that I think that a while ago two forumers, the great Friends J4L and Rodent said this was the case, but whenever I ask the council to do anything I have to pay for it.

I appreciate it may be different at different councils, but any previous experiences of what your council does would be interesting.



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"I'm sure my friend "the learned J4L will concur.."!!!!"

It's comments like this that raise temperatures and instigate an argument.

To answer Matthew's question, Yes Council's do, and will pick up 'larger' items at no extra cost to the resident of the property. This does sometimes depend on the viscinity that you live and unfortunately all rules 'locally' are not the same.

Call your local office and see!

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Perhaps it was meant as a compliment :rolleyes:

Somehow I doubt it!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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