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Just interested to see if anyone has any opinions on this. Positive OR negative!

We have an applicant whose credit check isn't great although her partner's is fine.

We have a Guarantor (his mother) who is ready to sign appropriate documentation.

Her (the Tenant) employment record was fine until 2000 (banks, building societies, etc) but is a bit vague, to say the least (short employment periods and temporary positions) between then and now.

My gut reaction initially was to 'really really' check this girl out!

I have no idea 'why' but it was.

Like I said, the partner's credit check is ok, he is self employed so no chance of any work refs from him and no accounts either but seems ok. Obviously some sort of tax dodger, that is 'inevitable' in this era.

But we have a guarantor who owns her own property (higher guarantee that money is recoverable if they have equity)

My initial 'gut' raction is to disapprove the application because things don't seem to add up to 100%, but i'm unsure.

Anyone got any thoughts on this? Any suggestions?

Do I go with my 'gut' reaction and reject the tenant or do I 'let it ride' because we have a guarantor in place? ? ? ?

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Has she got big boobs ?...!!!

WHOA wrong forum LOL (just kidding....)

I will go with gut reaction "some" of the time ...if i take an instant dislike to someone and have a good list of viewing then i would prop bomb them out ...but this would be B4 referencing ....

If it all stacks up on paper and you have a shortage of prospective t then a month lost is rent you will never recover ...

but i do begin interviewing and extracting large chunks of information immediately when i meet prospestive T .....ru local ...what do you do for living ....check out the car they drive ...where you live noe ...y you moving....hobbies interest ...."nice weather" quickly becomes where are you/did you go on holiday etc

You can milk some dry very quickly without them realising it .....with simple normal conversation ......if you practice it!!

and if things are not adding up few probing questions resulting in squirms should warn of potential problems ...!

Not infallible but essential !


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Yes Simon I have become fairly good at this practice over the years myself.

Situation to now is :-

Appears that my 'questions' and the amount of information I ask for on my application form un-nerved (?spelling) her slightly because she'd had her identity stolen a while back and is now very wary of giving out too much info.

Once she was totally happy that I wasn't hustling her (haha) she opened up a bit and then was quite charming so I've taken her money, got guarantor's signature on EVERYTHING and inserted them into the house!!!

Happy Days!!! (for now anyway :unsure: )

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i would be questioning the partner more TBH.

he is self emploed.. nice.. what as ?? how long has he been doing it for ?? what sort of income does he get from it ??

if for example, he is a "gardner" or "painter and decorator" then the alarm bell's would be primed in my case...

in virtualy all of the expereince's i have had with "self employed" tenants that are unable to produce accounts there has been nothing put trouble.

If he is even partly serious about being self employed and not someone that is "working on the side to get extra money on top of benefits" then they SHOULD have some sort of accounts.

my experience and looking into the future of what would happen if you DID put them into the property...

1) she would be in employment for a short period of time and all would be well

2) she would loose her job/get pregnant/have money proplems very soon into the tenancy

3) when asked why the partner could not pay the rent while she is looking for work you would be informed that he has "closed" the business and is now claiming HB

4) she then puts a claim into HB also

5) they argue that they can not afford to pay you the rent but that HB will be coming through soon... as there is little you can do in reguards to eviction at this point in time due to the amount of arrears and time left on tenancy.. you have to sit and lump it

6) the tenant DOES claim housing benefit.. but instead of paying it to yourself they get it sent to them.. they then use this to pay a deposit on another property before you have the opertunity to register any rent arrears against them in courts.. thus easy path through some agents into some other LL's property (they credit check.. but some are really not that fussed.. they want commision.. especialy on a tenant find basis)

7) you are left with arrears totalying 2-3 months worth of money.. and more than likly a trashed property.. when you pursue the garantor for the money .. a whole new can of worms is opened.

in short.. dont touch them with a bardgepole !


i see you have put them into the property.. i REALLY hope that what i said above does not come true.. and at the 1st sign of them having any sort of problems (2 on me list) i would get the notice drafted and ready... if part 3 occurs.. get it sent before the ink drys and press the garentor like your life depends on it.

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Yes Roppa, Tenants are in and the guarantor has been checked out better than the police would do!! haha

I too, hope that what you suggest could happen doesn't but if it does i'm 'very' prepared for it!

We'll just have to wait and see now I guess. Thanks for the heads up though!!

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How refreshing Simon ....a true voice of a serial 'Debt Collector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'but this is my first time officer, I promise'

haha, :unsure:

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