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Hi folks

question......inventory completed at start of tenancy,(fixtures and fittings) T's decided not to pay rent, tenants evicted, (by ourselves) T's turned up at appointed time to collect belongings, took only "handfuls", all belongings are still in situ 3 weeks later (furniture, clothing........everything!!) what do we do??? and at the end of the day......inventory useless!! We have been left with complete house contents and the house was rented unfurnished!!

Am about to send a 7 day letter that if complete contents not collected by a certain date, we will dispose of them and charge costs to them. The costs can be added to Thornbury's DC bill ( yes.......many thanks Simon for that good advice) Would also like to ask if any of you know the correct procedure for this problem and have any of you had the same.


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Hi Kalbi

You should have a line somewhere in your AST confirming that anything left at prop will be condsidered abandoned and will be disposed of in whatever way you see fit ...and that cost for removal of such will be payable by T....

But failing that, YEP add it to the bill .................then stick the lot on EBAY .........that's what i do ....anyone want 20 bags of "a" grade compost for growing cannabis .....just one of the many items left at one of my props !!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL put your bid on ebay....HAHA...!


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