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HMO Licensing -Zoned Fire alarms ..where from ?

Simon Dewsberry

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Hi People


(Matt, Russ and any one else who can help !!)

Need to install an upto date 3 zone fire alarm in one of my 3 storey HMO 's ,15 detection points and i think 4 manual break glass points ......also emergency lighting (4 points) and fire extinquishers ..any one got any good recommends on systems and prices etc ...have been looking at "rafiko twinflex system" also "Tate" which would apper to be the sme system!!???

Also looking for "stick on intumescent strip" for door frames ..apparently acceptable ...and will be a lot quicker and cheaper then routing out all existing doors ...any advice anyone ?

Also is there any reason why my guys cant fit systems then get ticket from spark afterwards ?


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Sorry mate, the only Licencable one I had I bought off a company which rented to NHS tenants and thus pretty everything was already up to standard.

Having said that, in the HMO documentation it did state that some things like fire doors and emergency lighting may not be required for low risk HMOs.

My place had no emergency lighting and I put that on the form and said that my place should be as low risk HMO you could get as only 5 tenants, 3 floors. They gave me the license and haven't put it down as something to be done in next 5 years. Worth asking them what they consider low risk.

Good luck!

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hi simon,

i find tlc about the best for elec stuff apart from local (national chain) outlets, edmundsons, the elecrtic centre etc.

there is a lot of regulations as you prob know with regard to electrics and fire alarm systems are no exception, prob even worse!

i think you may find it difficult to get someone to pass it off, some people (me included) dont like fitting customer supplied products aswell. reason is if it breaks down within warranty your sparky may charge you to replace or repair.

sorry for not being much help!


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Radio frequency smoke/heat detection complies with BS5839, part 6.

Many councils are now permitting these types of systems to be installed.

Just out of interest rodent is this the council asking you do to do this as part of your licence or are you doing it off your own back? Also is the smoke/heat detection providing entire coverage to the property.

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ALL my props have mains smoke/fire detection (interlinked) purely so I can sleep at night !

But this particular one is for an 8 let 3 storey HMO currently being licensed so at direction of regs ....

All rooms (8) kitchens (2) common room(1) hall stairs landing (4) breakglass (4) !!

We are talking about 1 attic room (3rd Floor) 4 beds(2nd Floor) 3 Beds(Grd floor) in nothing more than a victorian terrace..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have had discussions at length with coucil HMO officers regarding the insistance of a 3 zone system for basically a large house - afer discussions with fire service have actually got (coming) in writing agreement for non zonal as long as control panel logs faults and alarm system is interlinked !!!

But short prob short term gain as to fit this system will render it useless on next license in 5 years(when spec has been upgraded) so no real benefit there !

RF detectors ......Hmm My background is electronic communications engineering ... thoughts are

1 you still need to get power supplied to them in order for them to operate - or be forever changing batteries -havent checked regs in them but almost certain to have to be supplied with mains !) so no saving on installation costs as they will still have to be hard wired although only to local light fitting

2 havent checked Frequency of operation ..but very likely to operate at microwave frequencies (around 433Mhz)....A BIG pet hate of mine (mob phones ,masts,wifi,dect phones etc etc .....)


(This is another story !...you wont find wifi or digital cordless phones in my home ..all decomissioned some time ago ...)

But need to research this some more ......


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