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Best person to manage your prop ...............

Yourself !!


I agree, even if you're not local. I have a place 3 hours away and not practical for me to do viewings etc I now pay a tenant £50 to manage viewings etc for me...much cheaper than LA. But from my experience, doing viewings is the only real problem with long distance properties, so you could manage yourself and pay tenant to do viewings.

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Hi everyone,

My husband and I always use a company called Sherwood Lettings now. They're a small company but really know their stuff. We used to use Thomas James and then we tried Belvoir, but we got a bit sick of them to be honest. Because Sherwood are small they're really personable and helpful (and cheap!). Not everyone's cup of tea because I do understand that people think it's risky going with a smaller company, but we're really happy with them and will continue to use them.

www.sherwoodlettings.com is the website. Think they've just given it a makeover.

Agree with some of the other members about managing properties yourself. Definitely the best thing to do up to a point. We used to do that and just pay lettings agents to tenant find....but getting a bit busy for that now.....and old :) Gets to a point where it's just nice to take the hassle out of it and pay someone else to do it!

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