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Hi All, can some of you experienced landlords give your views on this,my rental flat got flooded from a leak upstairs. The ceiling of my flat collapsed ,lights blew,pull swith melted,laminate floor wrecked.

The agent handling the rental of the flat above did not want take up the mosaic flooring to find where the leak came from,it would have cost too much! so as my ceiling was wrecked anyway I agreed on a condition that they pay to restore the ceiling and the bathroom within 7days.

This leak happened 19th july a second leak 24th july,despite constant calls to the agent and the agents contractor the bathroom is not fixed.Yesterday the agent said he never agreed to this!!!

The owner of the flat is abroad on holiday ,he finally tel.me yesterday ,he was just worried about trying to get compensation from the company who installed his washingmachine and did not hook it up properly!! I said he should compensate my tenant as the lights could not be turned on in the bathroom for 9days because there was too much water in in the ceiling.

He did not answer me, now can someone give me sensible advise as to what to do now?

I know I should have used our insurance to get the ceiling put back but at the time this seemed a sensible thing to do.

This is a second ceiling collapse in two years from this flat ,I am stressed out, further more the ceiling joist have wetrot and the carpenter who put up plasterboard last friday had difficulty getting a fix to the joists. The joists now need renewing,the agent says they are my ceiling joists...

My tenant may now leave ,I am looking to compensate her (my other post today)so to keep her I am going to compensate her ,quite rightly so....I am thinking of suing the owner online in the smallclaims court ..what do you think of this ?anyone done this?


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