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Money for nothing and your property for free


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Leading UK property investor Andy Shaw who recently released his new book "Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free" has launched a website offering 5 free chapters to allow potential investors to get a feel for his controversial investment methods here:


Andy said "The five chapters explain how I bought an incredible £12 million worth of property in my first 12 months without using any of my own money."

Andy also stated that using his methods anyone can achieve financial independence in just a few short years - and he has many clients (and family members) as proof!

Andy started his own company "Passive Investments" to deal with most aspects of his property investment,claiming: "We've turned property investing into a simple formula that tells us whether we should invest, or move onto the next deal for evaluation."

"There's no guessing, no magic, just simple research and maths - and so far, we've made profts every single time we invested. Once the mystery of how the process works is revealed - all fear disappears, and you just do it." :)

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