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I'm new be gentle! Plse


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Hi Ladies & Gents,

I stumbled on this site / forum today so please be gentle!

I am in the process of purchasing my first buy to let property, it's a long term investment to top up my pension I hope, and I'm looking to tie things up in about four weeks or so.

I do intend to study the various threads on the forum, but as I am at work can't at the moment.

One of my concerns is with Tax, does anyone recommend using an accountant for the money side of things?

I really am lost when it comes to the various elements that accompany the subject. I welcome any advise that people in the know can give. For starter I intend to go for full management as well, to ease me in to what's ahead.

As I stated I do intend to read the various threads and I apologies if the subject may have been covered elsewhere.



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The property annex of the self assessment form is straight forward if there are no complications. It really depends on how much time and research you want/need to give. If your time is valuable, pay someone else to do the return. Cost me £300 YE07 to do a complete return including business accounts.

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