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Difficult tenant


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Oh Dear............

The most important payment is the very first payment .................If that cant be met then clearly it is good reason for concern ........ unless a rigid agreement was made with very good reason why dep not paid in full, then there is no way you should have allowed him to move in ....

How did he come up on referencing and credit checks ?

If you havent done these, then you may be about to learn a very stressful, and expensive lesson.

Personally i would "have a chat with him" about monies outstanding and inform him (in writing as well) that if monies are not paid within 10 days then you will be passing the matter to a debt collector and all fees and collection charges will be payable by the T - the threat of this usually works ...immediately .

I would offer,as a more attractive option - the opportunity for him to vacate immediately (within 10 days) and you to return "some" of the bond.

You havent really given enough info on the background to offer much more advice than this !

You need to review your letting and vetting processes, to avoid this happening again ......If your sytems are Sxxx you will attract Sxxx Tenants which in turn will be full of Sxxx and give you piles of Sxxx ............there is , i think, a message in there somewhere! LOL

Let us know how you get on ...

OR you could do it the Letting agent way ie wait until T is 2 months in arrears - issue a section 8 - go to court - probably get your prop back in about 4 months (but not the rent or costs!) have a wrecked house and then wait for the bailiffs to tell you that they cant find him to collect monies, or at best £10 a week for a couple of weeks then nothing ...........

Learn,and learn fast, that this business is a mine field ......Most can be avoided with the application of some basic common sense .....

You know full well you should NOT have let him move in until he had paid ,...dont you ?


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Yes I think i am about to learn a very expensive lesson. He is working in the same company as I am so trusted him and I was going to do the credit checks but he wanted to move in right away so I let him. Turns out he has bad credit also, so yes i'm thinking exactly what you're thinking...

What i want to know is what would be the quickest way to get the property back...

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