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Homecare & call-out insurance contracts


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What are peoples views on these? Do we use them?

I have a contract with British Gas, Homecare 400 which costs £26 per month. This covers the boiler, heating, plumbing and electrics of the property and the yearly landlords Gas safety certificate. I find this vey helpful as I located 3 hours away from the property. They have been called upon a few times already re the boiler, once to replace the heating controller and once when there was an electricity problem. So seems like value for money.

The good thing about this is that the tenants contact them direct and I don't need to worry.

However, it doesn't cover problems with white-goods or showers, or general maintenance like the roof or guttering.

I have been looking at getting cover for the electric shower as these are so prone to go wrong and not something I can sort out easily without visiting the property each time.

I found one company website "homeserve" which also specialises in the cover similar to British Gas. It has a specific cover for a shower for about £4 a month. However I need to check that it can work similar to the british gas contract and not simply insurance for me to claim against as that doesn't help me.

I have then looked at other websites which are completely insurance based covering pretty much everything above and also guttering and roofing and have emergency assistance phoneline. Does anybody have these policies, does the insurance company arrange for the work to take place or do I do it myself and claim? As it may be easier to have something like this.

A main point here is that it is enevitable a claim will be made at some point, will these affect my landlords bulidings insurance quotes where I can no longer say I have 3 years no claims?

How does this whole no claims thing work with buildings insurance?

It is a subject where there are so many wierd and wonderful things on offer it all gets too much for me :-)

Thanks in advance.

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