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Buy to let interest relief

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This whole debate was started by the Chartered Institute of Housing president Mr Paul Diggory who called for this interest relief to be removed during his maiden speech at the CIH conference on the 19th June 2007.

The CIH has a web site below


However on this site is a presidents blog where you can input your opinions directly to the president and there are two relevant topics the initial one is titled “Buy to Let market restricting first time buyers” link http://www.cih.org/news/view.php?id=741

The next one is titled “To let or Not To Let” link http://www.cih.org/presidentsblog/2007/07/...not-to-let.html

The president has had some very informative feedback and does appear to be softening his tone as a result.

If all of you have any concerns or comments regarding the impact of removing interest relief on mortgages this is where to express them.

The CIH appears to be some type of public sector QUANGO and it has received input from MPs joining his platform. The worrying concern of mine is that his call to remove interest relief gives the current government the excuse it needs to deflect the blame for this policy shift.


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