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Inside Track


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Inside Track

Have seen the dvd set (approx 20 hours worth) For the beginner mind blowing ........!

Some fantastic ideas and systems in place and getting involved puts you in position of multiple incomes (around 15 different ones as i recall) it is a whole lot more than just a training course....

I actually know the guy who owns the company a chap called Jim Moore - probably one of the cleverest guys on the planet ! with the most creative mind i have ever experienced which works at the speed of lightening !!!!

I believe he now resides in Majorca ............

I havent been on the course but if it has got any thing to do with Jim it will be "value" for money on the proviso you do what is required - this guy taught my how to sell, in a former life !

Why havent i been on the course ? Keep threatening to - but am a Tad busy !


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