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Dirty Tenants


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I have a couple of rental properties based in the North. One or these rental property has been trashed by tenants and they have just walked away. We cannot gain access to the property without removing the doors and the condition inside will require industrial cleaners.

What actions do I take next?? I have tracked down the Dirty Tenants to a house not two streets away but the council have no advice to give and citizen advice are impossible to get hold of.

As the tenants rent was being paid by the council I contacted them for landlords support. The only advice lines available are tenant complaints and repairs.

What steps could be advised to take next?? As these people do not work nor have anything other than what the council gives..how do I claim back for all the lost funds we are having to find?

Many thanks

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I am sorry to say the chance of reclaiming anything are zilch.

Just be glad they have gone and try not to lose too much more time cleaning and reletting.

From this type of experience I always fit the cheapest carpets etc as they always get trashed.

You can claim back some of the repair costs back from your tax bill.

Once you have let for a while you will come to expect this more and more. This can be prevented by avoiding bad tenants but this is not easy.

One thing to note other landlords have had worse experiences.

We had a real bad one in the new year and I mean bad. The tenant had filled the kitchen with domestic refuse it was about 3ft deep and we lost the whole kitchen and all appliances. It was so bad he had used the bathroom as a kitchen. We named it Chips in The Bath my mum even wrote us a poem to cheer us up we can laugh about it now.

I now tell all tenants I have subscribed to www.badtenants.co.uk and you can upload pics and stories to put other landlords off.

The council are only interested in landlord obligations not tenant responsibilities.


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Unfortunatly Fowlair, Oliver is right.

Lots of new laws protecting the tennant froom the big bad landlords and squat didly protecting us. But that is part of the game and why quite a few people have gotten out of the landlording game because of the hassle.

Not being vindictive, but if you know the new landlord, I would inform them of your experiences.


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i would invoice the tenant for cleaning (get it done asap and relet) giving them 28 days to pay failure to pay up within time would result in immediate involvement of debt collection with fees and collection costs payable by X Tenant

This will cost you nothing as T will pick up bill.............if you do it right !!

www.thornburycollections.co.uk speak to Pete or Tom ............diamond geezers!


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Ah here we go again, haha,

Actually I'm joking this time Simon, I quite agree that this is the ONLY action to take now.


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Be very carful if you do the cleanup yourself. Usually by the time you have found the problem it has been festering for some time which will mean you have Bio hazards. Get someone in and sort it properly you can usually claim the bill back from your insurance. If you can't then against your tax if you want to go ahead yourself be aware of the legal stuff about hazardous waste handling/carrying/disposal. Drop me a line if you need any help.

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