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Inventory for a shared house


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I have recently rented out three rooms in a newly refurbished property. This is the

first time I have rented out to individuals, as I'd usually rent out the entire property

to a family or individual.

Now, carrying out an inventory when letting to an individual or family is pretty much

a straightforward task, whether done personally or through an inventory clerk. I am

however unsure how I can carry out an inventory for three unrelated tenants in a

shared house and in the process, make it effective enough to be used to resolve any

future disputes by the TDS.

I am particulary concerned about how damage to any of the shared areas such as

the bathroom, kitchen and lounge, can be resolved in future.

Anyone have any tips or advice?



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Hi Hitman

Big problem this one - i have several houses like this - i am personally doing seperate inventories for each room.

Any damage to communal areas whilst they are in occupation - like last week when the broke the washing machine i billed them as cash split between them - i expected a problem so once the machine was fixed i removed the fuse (i was expecting problems with payment) and told the tenants that the machine would have the new part fitted the next day and presented them with the engineers bill- they arhued over who had broken it - so i told them that as i didnt use the machine - clearly i had not broken it so i wasn't paying for it ! One of them called onto the office the next day with the money so later on i went and "fixed " the machine!

This is going to be a problem and all you can do is try to resolve it outside of the dispute services and directly with the tenant - if they wont cooperate then you are going to have to put a partial claim on the bond for t share of bill - although for this to stand up you are going to have to include the communal areas on each inventory........

The Long and short of it is that -it is going to be very difficult to recover losses from communal areas!!

Mat what you thinking ?


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