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Tenancy Deposit Scheme Dilemma


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I have what may be some very basic questions here, following a recent experience.

I took on a tenant who signed an AST with all the standard rules, such as either

party giving the other ample notice, should they wish to end the agreement, etc, etc.

I took a month's deposit in addition to the first month's rent and even before this

deposit could be lodged with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, the tenant without any

warning or notice, left the property to return to their country for good.

Now my questions:

1) Had this money been lodged with the TDS, what would have been the outcome

of it?

2) The tenant left no damage, but had there been any such, how would this have

been resolved in his absence?

3) Could I have claimed all the deposit without any dispute, if even not for damages,

at least to cover the next month's loss of rent as he'd failed to give me the due

notice as contractually agreed?

I am sure some may suggest I query this with the TDS, but sometimes it's good to

get feedback from others who've been in a similar situation, hence this post.

Thank you.


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