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Beat the equity thief !!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Dewsberry

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Further thought......

Anyone investigated "foreign" or alternative currency deals and rates........................?

was talking to an investor this afternoon who has got his mortgage in Yen but couldn't get full details as my shop was to busy to talk for long !

he left me with the impression he is paying around 3.5% ?????????????????

In principle looks like "worth a look" although you are exposed to the exchange rate ............

In the light of the Sxxt mortgage deals around at the moment Let us bounce some ideas around on here .....any one got any .........!!!!!!!!!??????

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for some reason this flashes up memories of the bank that went "bust" not so long ago..

was it in argentina or some other south american country ??

if this is possible to get a loan from a bank aboard, living in, and purchasing in a country outside of the lending bank... then japan and borrowing in "yen" surly has to be the way to go..

see then interest rate's there at the moment ??

take a look..


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Hi Simon,

A guy was on here a few months back offering such services. i.e. 1 or 2 % interest rates in different currencies and also saying that they were experts in predicting the market that the interst saving would be small fry compared to the money made on positive exchanges. Have a search, you may find it. Sounds like a great idea, but I am fixed into deals at the moment so may reaserach in the future.

SOunds like a way you could get very rich, very quick, but does sound like a big boys gamble.

If debt increases by over 15% then it gets converted back to GBP to avoid mortgage getting too huge, that would be a bit gutting.

Anyway, you be the giunea pig and let us all know how it goes :-)


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