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National Rent Increase Day

Simon Dewsberry

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Hi All

Many people are not aware that there is a


It really is there - if you were not aware it is Feb 29th

Now this has inherrent problems which the brighter sparks out there will realise !

Any one think of a suitable date and even calendar to use - I propose coming away from the gregorian caledar and moving over to "dog years" with an official "day" and an unofficial "day" as the Queen does with her birthday - this should give us approx 3 rent rises per gregorian calendar year !

The alternative would be the second day of every 3rd lunar cycle which would be 33% better .................

Any comments !


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How about the 32nd of Octember??

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Hi Simon

Everyone knows that rent is reviewed annually on the anniversary of the tenancy agreement

However I have a clause in all of my agreements that on the 1st April each year I can review additional charges contained in my contracts

I have a whole section consisting of a full page defining things like the cost of landlord provided utilities and late payment charges. I have a provision to update this each year on a 1st April to coincide with the water bills. In some of my flats I include heating and prior to issuing this contract I got stung when gas prices went up but I was unable to increase the rent.


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