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End Terrace Prop -ADVERT BOARDS-Maximising Profit

Simon Dewsberry

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Hi All

I have several End of Terrace props - On Two of these i have big 40 sheet Advertisment Hoardings (one of the reasons for purchasing the props!)

One is contracted out to a National Co at £1450 pa the other £800 pa - just wondered if anyone else has any, and if so how much you are getting for them as I am about to renegotiate the contract on one of them- .........

Obviously location and visibility is going to give a big spread on prices........

Also if you have an EOT with nice big gable end - it is well worth considering approaching Ad co's to see if they are interested -........


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Yes i think that is correct- but dependant on size of hoarding - i put a huge one on the side of my shop without Planning P which resulted in a letter from LPA so reduced size and told them i had done this and have heard nothing since (6 years ago), but certainly "proper 40 sheet boards" need pp ALSO insurance Pub Liability - but AD co sorts this - unless like my shop one ( and another one i have with my ad on it ) it is in your control - both of these are covered with my buildings insurance !


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Hi Mate,

I have an EOT in a council area, are you allowed to put these up in council areas?

It is quite a quiet area generally, however there are 5 primary schools very near by so can get packed at certain times, one opposite the property and one just past it. It is a close, so what goes in, must come back and past my property. Would it be likely there would be any takers (advertisers)?

Think it is a good idea, but if only 800 pounds per year, not sure it's worth it for the hassle, also if planning permission required and problems encountered with angry neighbours.



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Hi Mat

You need do nothing as ad co will do the lot ! (pp erect sign etc)

but obviously LOCATION IS PARAMOUNT for this - but if no good for nationals - you could erect your own VERY LARGE TO LET sign or sell space to a local business for a lot more money than ou may think- have a drive around , find a local bus advertising and rinfg and ask what they are paying - bet you it will be between 2and 5K per annum !!

Prove me wrong

Invoice in post for this one!!!


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Recently they've just introduced 'roundabout advertising' in our area. The little signs that sit nicely in full view of motorists going around it. I phoned the council to enquire about the cost and THAT was 5K /year, for 3 little signs. And that was one of the 'cheaper' roundabouts in the area with less exposure.

My calculations showed we'd need to have at least 8 ongoing properties let out to just pay for that. I'll stick to the newspaper advertising I think.

(never thought I'd say that . . . . . . )

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Re Boards on roundabouts etc

15 years ago I set my business up using these "SOLID PINE _ HALF PRICE _TEL NO" boards 1000's of them first we used 2' square white faced hard board and black marker pen! then after a few years we upgred to printed boards about half the size of a "for sale " sign.

The hard board signs cost around 50p and we used to put them on every junction, roundabout and railing we could find within 5 mile of the shop !We used to put out around a 100 per week - and is very cheap advertising! although "illegal"

The results were astounding producing over a million of business pa!

But the council obviously dont like them - and i dont really feel this is the appropiate form of advertising for letting prop!!!

The council down here (s wales) cottoned on to it some years ago, and now try to charge a fortune for a very small sign -after telling us one of the "reasons" we could not do it was because it distracted drivers on roundabouts !!!!!!!!!!!!!

One rule for them. one rule for us then ................................!

Although this thread wasnt aimed at advertising "prop" more selling space on buildings for further income !

Although "further income" can of course come from advertising your prop on the side of your building



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there are companies that are around at the moment that actual act on behalf of the local authority as to there "sign area sales"..

one of these came into the office and was spouting off different traffic figures for the various round abouts etc in the area.

4.5k per year for 2 sign on a relativly quite round-a-bout in the area.

(for those that know east end of newcastle. the large one at the bottom of the fossway before you enter wallsend.. sure russ is from the area and will know it.. YES £2,250 per year each... £43 ish per week for a 4ft *2ft board.)

this got me thinking...

so i quized the bloke that was selling these boards, and showed him the side of the 3 story building (which we own) and the previous locations of 2 signs that where on the building.

(can see the outlines on the building's from where they where)

he said to talk to the planning dept at newcastle to see if there had previously been boards there, and as such we would be able to re-errect some more.. so contacted the planning dept, yes there where boards there, and yes we are allowed to re-errect them.

so contacted a local company and found out price's for getting a 12ft * 8ft board made... only £800.00, athough this did not include fitting costs (worked out all told, to make 2 boards, get them fitted etc... would work out at £2800ish with the VAT inculded)

So... £2800.00 would be the cost.. what will i get ?? i already have offers from the same company that was trying to see me the round-a-bout signage that they will expect to get around 65-70 PER WEEK !!! for each of the signs..

in short.. even if i get a combined £120.00 per week.. am looking at a hell of a profit after the 1st 6 months of these signs being up..

the small catch.. the "sales" company was wanting to charge me.. wait for it.. 60% as there commision O_o

so IF you are going down the route of placing some advertising boarding up... for god's sake stay away from the companies that "sell" the advertising space... i found out that 60% is the "normal" rate.... and i thought managing agents ripped people off!!!!! (joke)

for the time and effort that will be needed to get these errected... the money will certainly be a nice little income, and boost's any rental properties income quite nicely...

think of it this way... would you purchase a flat for 4k.. but knowing that you could rent it out (without virtualy any maintenence or very little overhead charges) for around 2k a year.. meaning it's paid for it's self within 2 years..... i thought so ^^

the money am going to be getting off the boarding (when it is final up) is going to be greater than the rental income i get from a flat i paid over 60k for.... advertising space on properties is the way to go if you have the space

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