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Neighbourhood eviction


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Per previous topic in looking at a property the Street was interesting in that one property was completely boarded and apparently was rented to a woman with 2 sons who spent their time robbing, stealing cars etc etc both in the street and miles around. In and out of court, prison etc

Landlord struggling to evict as he started being targeted and he has many properties in the area. Alledgedly and without priming or promises from the landlord the local residents ( and apparently there were many) went in and smashed all the windows and doors and anything they could find in the house especially personal property. Tenants moved out afterwards and left the area.

Cops came around as tenant demanded police help but and the 2 cops seemingly claimed lack of resources to the lady as they were out chasing car thieves etc etc. The crowd of neighbours watching found it funny which pissed off the tenant even more. Cops apparently were well fed with tea and biscuits as they sought to maintain order as no doubt their report will say.

Apparently the street and neighbouring ones have a mini football tournament for kids each summer and the landlord has agreed to sponsor it and the kids party afterwards. How civic minded :unsure:

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