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DSS & AST issue


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Went to see a property yesterday that I was considering buying but walked away as would need quite a bit to get it up to a reasonable standard.

Existing Landlord lived in it until yr ago and bought next door thinking great way to make money to rent it out.

They let it to "A Friend" who is on the dole, by all acounts has never had a job in his 30 plus yrs and they let him have it because he was sleeping on his mums couch. There was 2 guys but one moved out.

No tenancy agreement in place since last Sept, of course no gas/elec checks either. DSS slow to pay and the numpty renting went on hols abroad for 2 months and told the council so no payment made.

Has now moved his girlfriend in and she will be on the dole as well. She recently made redundant and from that she bought a 40" TV with latest playstation etc.

Bottom line is that its a millstone for the owners who want shut of it.

I have told them they need to go see a solicitor and get him out as otherwise sale price is a waste of time.

Gave them some advice and cautioned him not to just change the locks etc and don't threaten as that gets the police round as well.

Couple were nice if a bit nieve but said I'd give a bit of help as don't like scroungers.

Any advice ?

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A big Fat cigar and smoke 'em out !

Was there ever an ast in place ? if so s21/s8

If not arrange some "new squatters" when they go out ????????????????

Offer them £100 to leave??

Threaten Debt collector for arrears- then cancel in exchange for vacant possession ??

Get vendor to explain that in order to sell there must be an ast in place, thus ensuring their accomadation, - to placate and get sig make it a (watertight) cheaper rent - Once ast is in place you have right to S21/S8 them - fairly soon by the sounds of it ....

With all problems insist on big discount on price - and ast in place -(also gas cert- to make sure you dint need to replace boiler !) then exchange with min deposit(as low as you can get it - like £500) and complete in 6 months ( or sooner by negotiation ) once prop is vacant --Have to say I think i would be leaving that one alone for now!

Or put stupid offer in and take on problems head on - either way NOT without ast in place -

Thought - how are they getting hb with out a AST - HB usuallt request a copy from me on claims ?

Ask the vendor how his book writing is - How to be a LL!!!!!!!!!!!????????????


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I think you'll find that there IS an AST in place already. It was a verbal agreement here so still counts. They can serve a s21/s8 straight away.

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