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Professional Indemnity & Public Liability?


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Just a quickie if I may.

We are just setting up and attempting to join the NALS scheme.

They require PII up to £100k but there is no mention on their forms of PLI.

2 Questions

1) Do people usually take out BOTH

2) Any recommended companies

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hi J4L

I have got both but i got pli included in my office contents insurance. My pii which we have only just got and the forms were a nightmare gave cover up to 250k, 1k excess for about £600 pa i dont know if that is a good price or not but the agent we use were really helpfull.

they are called williams moore in bognor regis (ask for jane) but are about to more to chichester

hope this helps

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We don't actually have an office yet and run this from home for the time being. No one has visited our 'office' at home as yet and I really don't see there being a need for them to do so as we intend to always go to them so the PLI I may leave until we get a shop front.

With regard the PI i'll give this company a call and check this out.



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If you are company, sole trader or partnership I always recommend Public Liability (PL) cover as well as Professional Indemnity (PII) cover, although they are sold separately.

PL cover as stated before is usually included within a Business Insurance package that also includes Contents (and Buildings if necessary). This should also include Employers Liability which be required if you are employing anyone and is a mandatory legal requirement.

Please ring us a quotation for both types of insurance.


0845 3450315

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