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unpaid rent


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this i beleive to be a comon problem just wondered if you have any ideas or solutions to the following as I have come accross this senario many times.


you have a tenant whos tenancy is soon to end and they plan to leave on expiry or you have served notice that you wish your property back for whatever reason. The tenant then defaults on rent payments you try and chase this up and even go through the courts to caim unpaid rent this can take several months and can be costly at the end of this the tenant is ordered to pay ok fairly straight forward so far . Next thing you know is tenant has vacated leaving no forwarding address as they dont want to be traced .Even if they are housed by the local Council the council will not give out there new address. After all of this Landlord can be left cosiderably out of pocket . If you go back to the court they ask you for an address to serve papers to ,police say its a cival matter and dont want to know I have seen this happen many times and usually the tenant gets away with it also leaving unpaid bills and damage to the property there deposit hardly covers the costs let alone loss of rent damage etc. Any one had this problem and what can be done about this are the local council obbliged to pass on new address etc. I know of some tenants that do this over and over again and keep moving around every 6 to 12 months I beleive it is illegal to set up a database of this type of tenant some tenants keep there housing benifit this way and so are defrauding the local council as well how can this be stopped and how can these tenants be traced after they have gone you veiws would be welcomed. If they can get away with this they will keep on doing it . I would just like to add most tenants are fine this is just the minority but they do this over and over

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Personally i dont " do " court for most of the above reasons - i use licensed debt collectors who are much more efficient at getting money and keeping tabs on people - they are also very good at tracing people !

Have never taken any one to court and will avoid it like the plague for the forseeable future!



i can personally recommend them!


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