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New Letting Agent - What are your worries as Tenants?


Have you Been Treated Badly as a Tenant?  

  1. 1. Yes I have Experienced Problems

    • By a Landlord
    • By a Letting/Estate Agent
    • By Neighbouring Residents
    • By A.N. Other
    • I have no complaints as to my treatment.
  2. 2. Do you think your Problems were dealt with efficiently?

    • Not really, I didn't have any choices/support
    • Not at all
    • Yes it was dealt with well by the Agent
    • Yes it was dealt with well by the Landlord
  3. 3. What would you do better Next Time?

    • I'd read up more on Housing Law
    • I would find a better Agent
    • I would find a better Landlord
    • I wouldn't use a Letting Agent again
    • Nothing, I would use the same person.

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Hi all you tenants.

We have had a little experience of the really poor customer service that Letting Agents sometimes offer Tenants.

We totally understand that an agent has responsibility to the Landlord because it is them that instructs them to manage their property, what we CAN'T believe is how tenants appear to get such a bad deal from Agents.

We recently had to find a property for a relative who was moving from England to South Wales. We could not BELIEVE how badly we were treated and spoken to.

We then did some research and went into estate/letting agents locally on the pretence of having a few properties to let out. What a DIFFERENCE!! Unbelievable!

This is why we've set up Just4Let in Barry, also covering Cardiff and the rest of the Vale of Glamorgan. Our aim is to TREAT EVERYBODY EQUALLY and our motto is 'letting property properly'

Now the above sounds like a plug, and to some extent I guess it is, but the reason for this post is that we'd like to gather information on how Tenants have been treated in the past and are currently experiencing, to make sure we avoid making the same mistakes as others have.

If you have had bad experiences please vote in the poll and also leave a more indepth explanation if you like and try to give some reasons for your complaints and some suggestions as to how you think the problem could have been better resolved.

Many Thanks for taking part in this poll and adding to this Thread.

Gareth & Sarah


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