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Statutory Period Tenancy


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I am new to this forum and to renting in general. I have one house which I have rented out for the last year on six month assured shorthold tenancies. My tenant wants to stay on and I want her to. My mortgage, which I am tied to for another year, has an additional clause which was on a seperate sheet (and I didnt notice it) forbidding me from renewing more than once with the same tenant.

It has been suggested that I let the tenancy revert to a Statutory periodic Tenancy by doing nothing.

I have questions about this:-

1) The tenant is in receipt of Housing benefit, will they need a written contract or will the rent continue being paid if I provide a receipt?

2) Will her Guarantor (her Father) continue under the same conditions too? i.e. will he still be guarantor?

3) If the answer to 2 is no, can I sign him up as guarantor to the SPT and if so, how?

I would be grateful for any advice received,


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