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CPI 3.1%


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Hi BTLWhizz


I think the French have the right attitude - law or no law if they people don't like something they let it be known ! en mass !

Either we collectively lie down and get stamped on or we try to do something about it - one woman Emily Pankhurst had the right idea and as we now know aheived incredible results - Time to stop crying and start creating !

What do you think ?? LOL


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What are we suppsed to do? Go on strike?

I'm not sure what sort of action could be taken. Nurses and teachers get public sympathy for their plight. BTL landlords may be viewed as "getting their just desserts" if they complain of hardship. At least that's the feeling I get sometimes speaking to the public and reading/viewing media.

But I should point out that I don't think BTL is experiencing hardship yet. Or at least those that bought long enough ago so that they don't have a 0.01% gross yield aren't experiencing hardship. Just that the news all seems to go one way.

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