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Return of Deposit


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Any sugestions anyone??

I manage a property that has just come to a end and the tenants have moved out. It came with the buisness and the tenants were in there for 5 years, the LL are trying to claim all the deposit for damage and

where and tear etc.

Although there is a valid claim for some things like towel rails and curtain rail removed and rubbish to be removed. The landlord wants new carpets £550 and £600 to repaint walls in 2 bedrooms (there was an mould issue )

Now I know some of you will ask what about the inventory well it turns out it was given to the LL (before I took over) and they dont have it now.

I really think the LL is trying to pull a fast one to get their hands on all the deposit.

Are there any goverment guildlines in returning the deposit i can quote to the LL. I want to keep both parties as happy as poss because we get a lot of buisness though word of mouth (from tenants and LL)

The only quote we have had from LL so far is is for carpets all the others he has come up with the figures him self not from tradesmen.

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ROT. After 5 years your landlord is taking it big time.

Two rooms would take less than 5 hours to emulsion (I budget for 2 hours per room). After 5 years like for like replacement of carpet should be about 20% of total cost, if that.

There are no hard and fast rules (until the new regs kicked in). Side with the tenants and nicely point out to the landlord that this is a bit much. If he disagrees, suggest to the tenants they take him to the small claims court, then take a back seat and watch the fight.

In my experience tenants have more friends than landlords!

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Doesn't sound like LL is being reasonable on this - are carpets worn - burnt damaged or just dirty? If dirty get them cleaned professionally - they will look like new again - if damaged then w/t rules will be as Tony points out - I would agree 20% at MOST !

Again with repaint - damage - covering holes or fair w/t ?(£600 for 2 rooms ??!! i think i will do some decorating- that's good money !)

I charge £100 per room inc of materials/paint!

Mould issue

rising damp -LL problem

penatrating damp-LLProblem

condensation - could easily be argued that it is tenants fault if furniture against wall and inadequate ventilation - common sense to apply !!

In Short LL is being out of order - does LL still have inventory ? as without it sml clms will almost certainly side with tenant!

A sensible walk round the prop with all parties would be a good idea !

Be interested to hear outcome on this one !


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Useful deposit information at www.arla.co.uk/info/depdisdam.htm

The deposit isn't an insurance policy

Carpet deduction depends on age of carpet and nature of problem. Simple example using formula in the arla guide.

Mould is likely to be seen as a landlord problem to resolve.

Redecoration is planned for every 3 years or so therefore could only make reasonable deductions for damage, if any.

Items missing are not replaced on a new for old basis. Any deduction relates to the value of the old item at the time of loss and probably negligable.

Full cost of rubbish removal is acceptable so long as reasonable.

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