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Tennant leaving 2 months into AST


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My tennant has moved out after 2 months of a 6 month AST because he wants a bigger place... He gave me 9 days notice. There is no provision in the contract for the bond in these circumstances.

I am unsure whether to give it back to him because he has been awkward since he moved in and the 2nd months rent was 3 weeks late and was very hard to actually get out of him.

Please help me with this problem and any advice about improving my contract would be a great help.

Thanks alot!

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Keep it.

He would need to give 1 months notice anyway if the tenancy was periodic (after the statutory period). I assume you would be unable to fill the property within a month of the day notice was given.

Strictly, he is liable for rent throughout the fixed term, but you have a duty though to limit that liability by finding someone as soon as possible. You would be wasting time and sweat chasing him for more than the deposit you already have.

There are any number of contracts available free on the net. If you are willing to pay try www.landlordlaw.co.uk.

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