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Covid-19 - Tenant asking us to sign Emergency Food and Shelter Program form + 1099


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We are in Florida where we have  tenant who's been with us for five years and paid every month on time.  

Rent is due in a few days and we just got a call from social worker saying our tenant would like to apply for some Government  EMERGENCY FOOD AND SHELTER PROGRAM FOR CURRENT MONTH DUE RENT program.  Apparently her son has some kind of disability (she said ADHD) and she qualifies for a $800 one time rent help .  We would have to sign form and fill out a 1099. We never got a warning from the tenant and were not sure if this was some kind of phishing or scam, so we asked the lady to send us an email with details and we called our tenant.  She said both her and husband are now unemployed for 2 weeks due to COVID19 and can't make rent so she is seeking government assistance.   I guess no savings??  Anyways, the email came from a gmail account and the letter she sent was from some legit local Advocacy company.  Given there is 90 day moratorium on evictions, what are we to do? If we challenge her we will likely lose 6 months of rents.   Last eviction we did sucked and cost us $6k in lost rents and repairs.   Full pay unemployment and the Stimulus is on the way, but I guess that's not enough. 

Want to understand and work with them. But also don't want to lose them so early in this crisis. 

Hate to go through an eviction process again but do have my doubts that our tenant is not playing the system and might be taking advantage of the 90 day no evictions rule and even not wanting to miss out on don't pay rent party.. jeez 2 weeks??   if they don' t pay rent, how often can i do a unit inspections?  Can I talk to neighbors and property staff about the issue?  Can i call tenant employers to confirm they are no longer on the payroll? Can i ask her if she's applied for full pay unemployment and expecting the stimulus check? 

Seems me all the help is going to the poor and the companies.  Us folks in the middle, have no welfare or aid to lean on. 






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