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Simon Dewsberry

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Hi All

At present most AST 's state 28 days for return of Deposit to tenant less x's

Anyone know if this is to change - or is it 28 days to notify scheme now ?

as the schemes have 10 days from notification to pay up do we lose this from our 28 day window down to 18 ?

or will tenant have to wait upto 38 days ?

Or have have they not thought about this and left it open ended !!!!!!!!!??????????

Have surfed about a bit but cant find anything on this point except this:

"What happens if a landlord or tenant cannot be contacted, or is un-cooperative?

If one party cannot contact the other, they can submit a 'single claim'. However, in the case of the tenant being uncontactable, the landlord must include evidence why the claim is not a joint one.

If one party refuses to co-operate, either in agreeing the release of the deposit or agreeing to resolve any dispute, a single claim can also be made."

How long will they wait for a Landlord to make a claim before "paying out" to tenant on single claim"?

Clearly lots more questions to come !

6 days let the chaos commence !


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