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Multiple standing charges


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Hello, I own a building which is sub-divided into ten flats. There is one main electricity meter, which Scottish Power takes a reading from.

Each flat has it's own sub-meter, paid for and maintained by myself (including billing and all the administration that entails) and nothing to do with the energy companies - in fact, I asked them to put their own meters in and charge the tenants directly, but they refused unless the entire building was rewired to their specifications with my money.

Anyway, Scottish Power are charging 10 service charges, even though there is one bill, one main meter, etc. I was wondering if this is legal? I am comparing it to unlawful bank charges, in that the amount they are charging (10 x service charges) does not reflect the true cost to them (one meter, one meter reading, etc).

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Rebecca

I am not a legal bod ! - but if the bill is in one name to one address for one supply - i really don't see how they can!

Why not phone a few other suppliers and ask their opinion - also ask how they would bill it if you removed all of the sub meters !

For a definitive answer speak to energywatch or ofgem

Hope this helps !

would be interested to hear how you get on !


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Try www.ebico.co.uk .....even for your own supply.

They are different in that there are a charity who charge people the same whether you have a meter / dd / bill and work on basis that any profit they make goes back into housing associations etc helping fuel poverty.

I have used them for 6-7 months and while cost was the primary aim of doing it the ethical policy seems good.

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To update: I have spoken to Scottish Power and apparently it is a historical 'metered landlord supply' that has been in agreement for decades. They say we are still on 1999 prices with that supply tariff. They gave me the option to change to 'main domestic supply' with one standing charge, but it would work out more expensive.

So I think i'm going to follow advice and switch suppliers. Sadly, loyalty gets you nowhere these days.

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