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OK so I moved here in sept 14th  2017 signed a. 12 month contract in Jan 2018 landlord wants to sell house OK 4 maybe 5 calls a day I bent over backwards even accommodating viewings on a Sat and Sun ! Feb he takes it off the market says houses sell better end of august early September !

House back on market end of august I message landlord saying can't deal with the intrusion spoke to him 31st July saying I'm looking for something else got a reply can we use deposit as rent "note still have no rent arrears " I spoke to him 09/08/18 telling him I was looking for something else but had still not found anything( he calls many times asking for the Sam info over and over personally I think he has trouble retaining information) last Saturday he was there kicking my front door and someone else was smashing the glass on my back door I dialled 101 3 pcsos came and let him and the person who broke the glass in the house I was terrified the glass was on the floor they said its his house I need advice

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