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Tenant gave notice in periodic contract


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Hi, My first post.

My tenant been renting for 6 years since 2011. We signed AST agreement though estate agent, renewed for second year but not renewed since.

Rent pay date is 28th of the month.  Rent paid every 2 calendar months.

He called last week he wants to vacate, I emailed told him to post signed written notice, need to arrange Inventory Check Out and also copy by email and all  to comply with signed AST. 

He emailed on the 1st Nov stating he wants to leave on 1st Dec but haven't received the signed copy by post yet.

He kept messaging me yesterday asking me to confirm his email to vacate but insisted I need copy by post.  

He hasn't paid rent on the 28th and tried to use the deposit at DPS but I refused and asked for the rent.

Few questions:

1. Shouldn't he give me 2 months notice because periodic rent is every 2 months?

2. Has he got the dates wrong when to give notice to vacate? I thought tenant should give the notice according to the rent calendar month, which is 28th day of the month in this tenancy?

3. In the AST says: "The tenant shall give at least 60 days notice of his intention to leave premises at the end of this tenancy by serving such notice to the landlord in accordance with clause 19.1" . Does this apply to periodic tenancy?

4. He has a guarantor, he has moved from the address 6 years ago and don't have new address. Can I contact him through social media like facebook and linkedin as I have seen him there?


Many thanks

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1. It is periodic contract. It is statutory but not contractual so 1 month notice required.

2. The dates are wrong. The notice should be sent on the 27th of the months so in this case, the end of tenancy notice rolls to the 27th of the following month.

3. No, see 1 above.

4.?     " will search for answer if and when needed"

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